WM Farmers and Sons: Boarding and Barroom in Hudson

  |  October 8, 2015

WM Farmers We’re all aware Hudson is jam packed with things to do: music and performance, great food and bars, antiques galore. Let’s call it eclectic. For those in my circumstance – too far away to stay and enjoy it – there’s WM Farmers and Sons: Board and Barroom.

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WM Farmers and Sons prides itself on eclecticism, a fine representation of Hudson, and that pride is well deserved. The business itself is something of an all-in-one: an inn, a locally popular restaurant and barroom, even a café dubbed “The Mercantile.” As for the boarding arrangements, all 11 rooms showcase different design and floorplan – no two rooms are alike, leaving room for choice. This lends to the sophisticated but homely charm of the inn, as owner Kristan Keck puts it, “One thing I’m always clear on, this is not a hotel, it’s an inn, there’s no elevator, you have to go up the stairs,” further clarifying that the building is an old renovated boarding house. A modernized part of history in the historic district of Hudson; the full Hudson experience.

Wm Farmers and Sons

On the ground floor of the inn rest the restaurant, barroom and café. Locally popular amongst the residents of Hudson, the restaurant and barroom are no simple addition. The restaurant serves locally sourced food and boasts entrees like the “Lover’s Leap Farms Pork Boudin Balls,” “Grilled Octopus Salad,” and a classic bar burger, the “Cast Iron Bar Burger.” The barroom has a wide range of cocktails from the Old Fashioned to some wrongly forgotten, such as The Fitzgerald and Penicillin. Keck was particularly proud of the work put into the cocktails, “Our focus is an attention to detail, our staff was extensively trained; some trained for months just for our cocktail service.” That’s a reassuring thing to hear, cocktail making is an often unappreciated art, and WM Farmers and Sons clearly takes them seriously.


WM Farmers and Sons’ focus is on quality, well, everything. From rooms and boarding to food and drink, the goal is customer satisfaction, whether you’re dining in or sleeping in. As Keck put it: “We hang our hat on service, we want to provide our customers with the full service experience.”

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