Workin’ 9-5 in this Elegant, Historic Albany Office Mansion, $799,000

  |  June 1, 2017

We’ve been looking at potential Live/Work properties around the Upstater area this week, and while this Romanesque stone manse from the late 1800s is set up to focus more on the “Work” side of the equation, this office space in the city of Albany is so beautiful, we wouldn’t mind spending 9 hours a day amongst all this finery.

Known as the Charles LaDow House, the castle-like manse includes over 8600 square feet, 11 bedrooms, a multitude of fireplace, parquet flooring, eye-popping custom woodworking, tile, and moldings. It’s zoned commercial but could be turned back into a private residence for someone who needs that level of ostentatiousness in their lives. Tantalizingly, the castle is reportedly haunted, but also tantalizing is the manse’s location overlooking Washington Park, next door to SUNY Albany, and neighbors with a number of pretty, historic homes around the Washington Park area. If you cross the park headed east, you’ll eventually find yourself on Lark Street, downtown Albany’s funky and artsy neighborhood.

10 Thurlow Terrace, Albany (Sotheby’s)

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