You’re Invited: Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School’s Open House

  |  October 23, 2015

On Saturday, November 7th from 10am to 1pm, Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School is hosting an open house for its high school, granting any interested folk the chance to stop by and take a tour, learn about the curriculum, and just see what exactly Waldorf schooling is all about. Walk-ins are welcome, but for more info or to schedule a personal tour, any families with children 12-17 are encouraged to drop a line at (518) 672-7092 ext. 111. For those of us that may not be so in-the-know about the worldwide Waldorf movement, Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School is one of several locations that offer an alternative approach to schooling, with a focus on developing and challenging the full potential of each student it welcomes. The curriculum is based on developmental stages, and is shaped to suit its classes.


At the open house, learn about how school-time is allotted to the fine arts, personal enrichment, athletics, and an Independent Study project for high school seniors. The school is currently accepting applications for its 16/17 school year, so now is as good a time as any to learn about learning. Also pretty cool: Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School has a mix of 5-day and full time boarding students, including students from around the world. High schoolers also have the chance to participate in foreign exchange programs. What better way to learn about the world than by exploring first hand?


As the school says itself, “Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School strives to create a healthy and balanced learning environment where children build living connections to the natural world while cultivating social responsibility, personal excellence, and the practical capacities to meet the challenges of the future.” Learning about it is practically making us want to go back to high school. Unfortunately, the closest any of us can get is the open house, and for those of you with school-aged children, hop to clearing a spot in your weekend calendar to go check it out.

For more info on the school, visit Or, for info about Hawthorne Valley Association, which it’s a part of, head over to

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