Yurt Life in the ‘Gunks, $155,000

  |  November 16, 2015
155 Mt. Meenagha Rd cragsmoor ny6

We solemnly swear that if we ever find enough yurts on the market, we’ll make an entire week out of it. Until then, we’ll just have to keep lobbing them at you as we find them. This one, located near the quaint mountain community of Cragsmoor, has a 30′ wall strong enough to bear snow weight during the winter and a wood stove to keep you warm, so feel free to cozy up and watch the flakes fall onto the ceiling skylight. The best part isn’t the 900 sq. ft. yurt itself, however. It’s the 10 acre parcel of land it occupies, sitting pretty near the Shawangunk Ridge, Sam’s Point and the ice caves, hiking trails, and mountain views. It’s Gorgeous territory off of Route 52, which makes up the southern route of the Shawangunk Mountain Scenic Byway stretching from Pine Bush through Walker Valley and up to Wawarsing. Remember: Yurt living is like glamping with all the luxuries. Like a composting toilet. Hey, we’re still in the rough and tumble mountains. Prepare for bears.

155 Mt. Meenagha Rd cragsmoor ny2 155 Mt. Meenagha Rd cragsmoor ny3 155 Mt. Meenagha Rd cragsmoor ny4 155 Mt. Meenagha Rd cragsmoor ny5 155 Mt. Meenagha Rd cragsmoor ny

155 Mt. Meenagha Road, Cragsmoor (Lawrence O’Toole)

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