Our Upstater Fantasy Vacations: From “Glamping” to Yurts

The Phantasy Dome at Pollywogg Holler

While tooling around the Internets today, looking for fun fall activities, we stumbled across this list of “uncommon lodgings” in New York state. Unable to resist the siren’s song of the word “uncommon” as a description, we perused the list and immediately began drooling and making fall and winter vacation plans.

Included on the list are the usual suspects: The Roxbury Motel, which we’ve talked about before, and the Saugerties Light House, but there are a couple of places a little farther away that we are dying to check out:

1) Phantasy Dome at Pollywogg Holler, Belmont. Yeah, we totally want to sleep in a floating yurt, in a bed suspended from the ceiling. There are a number of other theme cottages available at Pollywogg, too, and we would be happy in any of them, especially this one.

2) Angel’s Nest Bed and Breakfast, Rome. On the surface, it looks like your basic B&B. But it’s actually a converted convent, which we find intriguing, and probably as close to attending church as many of us at Upstater will get.

And the, of course the ubiquitous 3) Kate’s Lazy Meadow, Mt. Tremper. By now, pretty much everyone knows about B-52’s iconic redhead Kate Pierson’s fun, kitschy campground and lodge, but we have yet to visit. And we’ve recently become acquainted with the term “glamping” (which means to camp glamorously, with all the bells, whistles, and comforts of home), and Kate’s seems like the perfect place to make some glamping happen.

What about you? Got any suggestions for unique, uncommon accommodations? Let us know in the comments!

The Lazy Lodge at Kate’s Lazy Meadow

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