100 Miles NW: Wagging Tail Yoga

  |  August 16, 2013

One Hundred Miles NW is a blog by Sullivan County lover and resident, Gabby Scott Ingber, who writes about the joys of the Western Catskills (and also about great, eco-friendly products). This week: a review of a yoga studio in Bethel.

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This past weekend, I went for my second yoga class at Wagging Tail Yoga Studio in Bethel, NY. The classes are lead by Ora Ramat, a certified yoga instructor who has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. The classes are vinyasa flow based and are relaxing and strenuous at the same time.

The atmosphere is so relaxing that it’s hard to focus on anything other than breathing (and zoning out!). Ora is extremely aware of the different skill sets in her classes, and takes special notice to each individual by adjusting positions and poses. Poses include sun salutation, downward dog, warrior II & III, cat, tree, cobra, etc.

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I am probably one of the least flexible people, but I feel very comfortable in Ora’s class since she always helps guide me into the pose. She stresses the importance of not over-doing a move, and demonstrates modifications for each move. In the past, I’ve taken a few classes at various studios, but haven’t enjoyed them as much as the classes at Wagging Tail, mostly because I won’t be judged for not being able to touch my toes!  It is so refreshing to find and work with an instructor who welcomes all students and levels. With that being said, I highly recommend taking one of her classes!  It’s become one of my favorite weekend activities (when my schedule allows).

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Classes are offered on Saturdays (June – September) at 9:30am and Sundays (year-round) at 9:30am. The cost is $18/class and it includes a mat rental. Ora also hosts private yoga classes for $50/person. To reserve your spot in a class email oraramat@gmail.com

As an added plus, you are greeted by one of the friendliest and cutest dogs ever (I’m guessing the namesake for the studio). He sits on the path and allows each guest to pet him on the way in. Tough life!

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