A Ravishing Renovation on Tinker Street in Woodstock for $849K

  |  April 22, 2024

Ahh, family and friends. What better way to spend a Hudson Valley weekend than with the ones you love? Until you realize that misophonia is a real thing, and why does your nephew ACT like that, anyway?

In honor of those revelations, Upstater is celebrating the virtues of two-story living—which provides us with a whole other LEVEL of escape, literally speaking. Today’s house is a ravishing renovation on Tinker Street in Woodstock, at a nicely renovated home that’s got room for everyone.

Black-trimmed windows rim the white-themed living room.

The kitchen is similarly simple.

A light hardwood floor accents white walls, cabinets, and countertops. Stainless steel appliances are the jewels in this setting.

A skinny brick column is the backdrop for a slim wood stove that backs up to the center staircase next to a dining area.

A skinny chandelier matches the stark window trim here.

Black and white continues as a theme in this half bath.

Head upstairs to a bright and roomy hall.

This bedroom isn’t huge, but it’s handsome, with a double closet and big windows.

There are three bedrooms and three baths in this house. This bath has a big oval mirror and a marble-topped vanity.

The open shower has black and white penny tile.

This bedroom continues the black-trimmed-window scheme.

This one does, too. We love the wood flooring in all of the bedrooms.

This bathroom has everything anyone needs, from the tub/shower to the wide vanity.

The house measures almost 1,600 square feet and sits on a half-acre lot. It’s mere feet (272, to be exact) to Overlook Bakery. And seriously, if you’re on Tinker Street you’re in the heart of wherever you’d wanna be in Woodstock.

If this ravishing renovation on Tinker Street in Woodstock has your heart, find out more about 115 Tinker Street, Woodstock, from Gregory C Berardi with Berardi Realty.

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