Artists’ Housing in Upstate New York

  |  November 15, 2013

Back in 2002, when there were still a few decent neighborhoods left for up-and-coming artists in NYC, the Westchester village city of Peekskill launched an initiative to lure a few of them north. The Peekskill Art Lofts is “a limited equity cooperative of 28 live/work lofts built in 2002 as affordable live/work spaces for artists in downtown Peekskill, NY.”

Other towns have followed, some with developers paving the way, or cities marketing to artists. Some places are just cheap.  We’ve often noted that Newburgh has incredibly affordable artist space. A few years ago, Hudson did, too, but you might now pay top dollar (or the upstate version of it) to be among the established artists and galleries that have taken root there. There has been movement to lure artists to Catskill, a stone’s throw from Hudson (and from the Amtrak station there), but often overlooked. And Woodstock Commons in Woodstock, affordable green housing that opened last year, has 12 units reserved for artists. The same company, RUPCO, proposed artists’ housing for Kingston, as well. Beacon has The Lofts at Beacon, which are very Soho-in-the-80s-ish. 

Anything we missed?

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