Atlantic Custom Homes and Lindal Cedar Homes – Making Your Dream, Custom Home a Reality

  |  July 24, 2015

Building a custom home is a major life accomplishment, and a major investment. When you decide to build a custom home, you are not only investing in the production and delivery of a finished product – your home – you are also investing in an experience – the experience of designing, creating, building and ultimately living in your custom home. With over 50,000 homes delivered in its 70-year history and a Lifetime Structural Warranty, Lindal Cedar Homes has built its reputation for quality, environmental responsibility and personalized service, offering a uniquely predictable, flexible and high-quality Post & Beam building system that is truly personalized and created for you and your site – from tiny homes to great estates. Whether your design goals point towards Lindal’s timeless Classic Designs, or the range of modern homes offered in our Lindal Elements, Lindal Architects Collaborative Series, and Turkel Designs for Lindal Cedar Homes, we will help you create a warm, efficient home of beauty, quality and value.


Only Lindal offers a worldwide dealer network, so that your local Lindal dealer, Atlantic Custom Homes – who is familiar with local properties, conditions, laws, and contractors – can help you create an energy-conscious, site-responsive design, provide preliminary and ongoing budget and cost estimates, maintain ongoing communication with Lindal’s team of designers, architects and structural engineers, and establish an efficient building infrastructure that takes advantage of the latest technology.

We are Greg & Jan Buhler, owners of Atlantic Custom Homes, the New York area’s premier Lindal dealer since 1983. We bought the dealership in 2006, after building and falling in love with our own custom Lindal Cedar Home.


We and our staff place customer service and our relationship with our customers above everything else. We have won numerous awards and recognition for our efforts, and have consistently been a proud member of Lindal’s prestigious President’s Club.

The more you learn, the more convinced you will become that the Lindal Warm Modern Experience creates beautiful, personalized homes that inspire a relaxed lifestyle, using a disciplined building system and planning process. The Lindal family, their dedicated staff and craftspeople, and Atlantic Custom Homes will make every effort to make your dream home a reality.


About Atlantic Custom Homes

We are Jennifer and Pascal Smith Couti, owners of Atlantic Custom Homes. We are the third-generation owners of this successful dealership started in 1983. We bought the dealership after designing and renovating homes for ourselves and our customers around Westchester County NY. We and our staff place customer service and our relationship with our customers above everything else. We have won numerous awards and recognition for our efforts and have consistently been a proud member of Lindal Cedar Home's prestigious President’s Club. Atlantic Custom Homes has served customers building locally and in many other parts of the country and the world. We are a fully-staffed, full-service dealership in Ossining, NY. We are open Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday 10AM-5PM (appointments recommended).

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