Bargain Hunting in Sullivan County

  |  April 21, 2014
362 shawanga lodge rd bloomingburg ny

362 Shawanga Lodge Road, Bloomingburg: $185,000

Specifically, we’re bargain hunting for properties that are less than $200,000. You can get a lot for less than $200,000 in Sullivan County. The house pictured above could run nearly a half a million in Putnam County, and while comparing Sullivan to Putnam is crazy talk (we know, we know), if you’re working under a limited budget and you really want to live around these parts, comparisons like that are important to make. Not that Sullivan County doesn’t have issues. It’s suffered from rough economic times. The specter of hydrofracking hangs over the residents’ heads with division among the population about whether it’s bad for the environment or good for the economy. But if you need bang for your buck and want to live in the Catskills next to nature, Sullivan is a good place to start your search. We’ll help you out by sorting through lots of properties and showing you some of our favorites throughout the week.

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