Blogging Upstate Wine, Pottery, Antiques and Vintage Clothes

  |  July 6, 2011

Out of Town Townie's Antique Stop

My friends and I wandered into a High Falls shop called Dead Relatives this weekend–a vintage and antique place selling reasonably priced jadite bowls and such. We found the proprietress (an ex-Brooklynite who grew up on Bergen Street in a house her relatives paid under $20,000 for and is now worth $1.4 mill) being interviewed by a fellow blogger. Her blog, Out of Town Townie, chronicles vintage clothing spots, pottery stores, vineyards and antique shops in upstate New York, but it’s also about her shifting association with downstate versus upstate; the tagline is “Country girl in the city turned city girl in the country.” Seems like a great resource if you like drinking local vino and wearing grammy’s cast-offs.

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