Brace Yourselves; Summer is Coming (and with it, celebs)

  |  March 31, 2014
copake lake

Does Al Roker swim here?

Every time we starting thinking about summer in the Hudson Valley, we can’t help but recall this spot-on article by one of our favorite Columbia County-ites, Sam Pratt, published in the New York Observer. Granted, the article came out last fall, but as the days becoming warmer and longer, the celebrities will soon begin gravitating toward their bucolic retreats up here in the country. While Pratt’s article focuses solely on Columbia County and northern Dutchess County, those aren’t the only places to get start struck. Why, just the other day, we caught a glimpse of Mary-Louise Park pushing a shopping cart around the local grocery store in Saugerties, which reminded us of the one summer night we made fan-girl eyes at Sam Rockwell while he passed by our table at a cafe just down the street from our house, which is also in Saugerties. Those are only a few instances of star-gazing, and the list goes on and on. And given what we posted last week about Newburgh and Kingston starting to make their ascent to the top of desirable small cities in the HV, how long will it be before we catch a glimpse of Matt Damon sipping a cold one at the Newburgh Brewery? Or Christopher Walken buying socks at the Walmart near the Hudson Valley Mall? Speaking of that last one, can someone please get in touch with Walken about buying some real estate up here? We’ve already got a couple of great places in mind.

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