Breaking News: ‘Smorgasburg’ in Kingston Delayed until August 6th

  |  May 9, 2016

Jonathan Butler at Hutton Brickyard, Kingston

Those of us excitedly-anticipating Smorgasburg, a food market set to be located at the old Hutton Brickyard at Kingston Point Beach, will have to wait a little longer. The opening date for the market has been delayed from June 4th to August 6th, according to Smorgasburg co-founder Jonathan Butler. He, along with co-founder Eric Demby, began Smorgasburg in 2011 and Brooklyn Flea in 2008 and have been holding the markets around Brooklyn and NYC.

Why the delay? Butler told us the decision was “simple.” He explained: “Making the site safe and cleaned up is a big lift, not only in terms of man hours but also governmental approvals. As with most big construction projects, it has just ended up taking longer than we had hoped.”

Smorgasburg’s Hudson Valley location will be in a disused brickyard, a venue fraught with issues to solve before its suitable for use, meaning that Butler and Demby have got their hands full with one huge upcycling project.

Look for more on Smorgasburg in the Hudson Valley in the upcoming summer 2016 issue of Upstater Magazine. Meanwhile, here are some food and antiques vendors you can expect to see at Smorgasburg in early August:

So Mid-Century (Bloomingburg), Mezzanine Vintage Antiques (Woodstock), Daughters Fare & Ale (Red Hook), Shindig (Woodstock), Lovefield Vintage (Kingston), Sweet Poppy (Hudson), Karl Family Farms (Modena), and many more.

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