Bye Bye Beaches, Hello Hudson Valley

  |  February 3, 2017

New Yorkers have been escaping the city for years, but there’s been a recent difference of location among the younger residents. Instead of heading out to the mansions and resorts towns of the Hamptons, they’re heading northward.

Yahoo Finance and Foursquare both report that tourism is up in both areas of the state, but the younger demographic has been favoring the Hudson Valley over the Hamptons. With the millennial generation known to desire experiences over things, the impressive hikes, many small towns, museums and tucked-away places of the Hudson Valley make it a favored destination.

It’s also easier on the wallet. Going through AirBnB, apartments along the Hudson River can be found for less than $100 a night (for example, this Cold Spring guest house starting at $99 a night, accommodating four), while a comparable place in Montauk is $250 a night.

Cited in the article from, realtors believe that the younger generation would rather go for a hike than wait in line for an exclusive club. The natural beauty of the Hudson Valley was also mentioned as a draw over the beaches of the Hamptons. With a variety of hikes, outdoor art museums and historic homes, the destination-based draw of the Valley region

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