From the NYT: Catskills Shipping Container Homes Offer Sustainability & Style

  |  September 27, 2017

catskills shipping container homes

Unique, upcycled homes are one of the reasons why exists. That category includes Catskills shipping container homes, such as the ones designed by Tim Steele of Steele House. The New York Times recently caught wind of one of Steele’s container homes located in Sullivan County.

The owners of the orange containers are Robyn Volker, 57, and her wife, Anke Irmscher, 54. Regarding their choice of orange, according to the NYT article, the containers didn’t start out that color. Volker and Irmscher chose it. “If you’re going to do this thing, you might as well announce it’s a container,” Volker said in the article.

Tim Steele, whose business is Manhattan-based, lives in the Catskills and built four container homes here over the past 7 years. Take a look at Steele’s work around the Catskills on or the photo album included in the NYT piece. Burning question: How do you hang pictures and shelves in a home where the walls are made of steel? Magnets, of course. Really strong magnets.


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