Chronogram 8-Day Week: Whisky Business

  |  February 13, 2014

delicious whisky

Good news, everyone! Whisky is good for you now! We knew that if we patiently waited, eventually, science would come around to our way of thinking about that magical amber liquid. So let’s celebrate all of whisky’s myriad health benefits by going to a whisky dinner at the Roundhouse in Beacon. Whether you prefer “whisky” or “whiskey”, the Roundhouse whisky dinner will offer plenty of opportunities to try six different small-batch Scotch whiskys (yes, it’s “whisky” if it’s from Scotland) paired with courses that consist of meat. Lots of meat. Ron Swanson would be so excited about this event. The dinner takes place on February 20th at the Roundhouse at Beacon Falls and costs $95 for six courses with six whisky pairings. And if you don’t want to worry about driving home afterward, book yourself a room at the Roundhouse. It’s a hotel, too. Here’s mud in your eye.

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