Chronogram 8-Day Week: Winter Hoot

  |  February 6, 2014
ashokan center

The Ashokan Center during warmer months.

February is a rough month, isn’t it? The festive holidays are long over, spring is still a ways off, and all we have to look forward to is Valentine’s Day. And more snow. Or, if we’re lucky and work at a job that acknowledges federal holidays, President’s Day weekend. But friends, do not despair (cue churchy, inspirational organ music), for the Ashokan Center in Ulster County will cleanse thine hearts of cabin fever, yea verily, with the Winter Hoot. And there was much rejoicing.

The Winter Hoot is a dead-of-winter music festival happening this weekend at the center (GMAP) featuring the following acts: The Stacks, Adrien Reju, Arc Isis, Connor Kennedy, Elizabeth Mitchell and Friends, Paul Green Rock Academy, Rushad Eggleston, Jay Unger and Molly Mason (natch), Gustafer Yellowgold, Heather Masse, Mike + Ruthy, the Sweetback Sisters, and Deep Chatham. Plus, there’s some square dancin’ a-foot called by Kristin Andreassen, and if that doesn’t heat you up, we’re not sure what will. Anyway, the event starts on Friday, February 7th and runs through Sunday with brunch and a farewell concert with all the performers. The good digs at the center are already sold out, but if you want to crash overnight, you can still snag a bunk in the Longhouse for $50/night. Advance tickets are $45 but you can only get those from the website as well as book lodging until 5pm TODAY (Thursday). Eek! Hurry! Or go to the Golden Notebook in Woodstock for tickets. More information can be found here on the event website. Sounds like a hoot!

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