Claverack Italianate Mansion, $440,000

  |  January 23, 2012
Claverack Italianate Mansion, $440,000

Is this enough house for you? I had a hard time choosing what to profile this week, since there were so many great properties for sale in Claverack, NY. But this one, of course, stood out. An Italianate mansion called Catherine Bushnell Mansion, on three acres, just a few minutes outside of Hudson. 361 State Route 23B has seven beds, seven baths, 4,800 square feet, built in 1848. Surprisingly, the taxes are less than $10,000, which is far more reasonable than much humbler properties command across the river in Ulster County, or even down the river in Dutchess. Condition, per the MLS, is “very good,” though the listing acknowledges that there’s “refinished wideboard floors, dine-in kitchen, new roof, new septic and ongoing cosmetic and interior design work.” We’re waiting to hear back from the broker about just what that ongoing work is. On top of it all: seven fireplaces. Should help cut down on the heating bill.

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