Convenience in the Country: It’s Stone Ridge & High Falls Week

  |  June 8, 2015

Colonial-era houses on Main Street, Stone Ridge. Photo by Daniel Case via Wikipedia.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, it’s easy to miss the Ulster County hamlets of High Falls and Stone Ridge. Neither have their own exits on the NYS Thruway, so getting to them requires a little bit of country road driving along Routes 213 and 209. Finding them, however, might make you feel like you’ve discovered some hidden secret of the Hudson Valley. Both High Falls and Stone Ridge are located in the town of Marbletown, with portions of High Falls lying within the town of Rochester. Both have their own historic districts: Stone Ridge’s Main Street Historic District encompasses 70 acres and includes some incredible 17th and 18th century architecture in the form of old stone residences and rambling farmhouses. High Falls Historic District is smaller but no less impressive. It’s a 21 acre portion around High Falls’ “downtown” and includes a number of houses, parsonages, stores, and a portion of the old D&H Canal that used to transport coal from PA to NY via Kingston. Visiting Stone Ridge and High Falls is a bit like time-traveling since much is unchanged since the 19th century (gas stations and other modern amenities notwithstanding), and local history buffs would do well to plan a visit. Other who should consider a visit to High Falls and Stone Ridge (it’s a day trip since they’re just a few miles from each other): People who like good food, waterfalls, horses, flea markets, shopping at non-big-box mom & pop stores, farm stands, and quick access to Kingston and New Paltz while still feeling like you’re truly in the country…because you are. Furthermore, both are located less than 2 hours from NYC. So let’s saddle up and take a look at the homes currently on the market this week in both hamlets. Stay tuned…

high falls from GMAP

Depuy Canal House, High Falls

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