Appropriate Lighting

  |  January 6, 2014
henry's fixtures

Light fixtures at Henry’s at the Farm, Buttermilk Falls Inn

A recent trip to Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa in Milton inspired us to think about light fixtures. Yes, it’s true: Appropriate fixtures can make or break a space, and we are happy to report that Buttermilk Falls Inn gets it just right. Depicted above was our favorite example of the inn’s lighting, located in Henry’s Restaurant on campus at the inn. In case you can’t quite make out what’s happening here, those are old-fashioned light bulbs, the kind with the filament that glows a deep amber and provides a mellow, unobtrusive glow. They’re surrounded by giant antique wine jugs. Brilliant. Here are more examples of drool-worthy lighting:

mason jar lights

Zoe Vee Designs


Upcycle Magazine

Filament Lamps_001_web res

Scott + Rich Victoria

tom dixon beat lighting

Tom Dixon

steam lamp houzz

Steam Lamp at

retro lamp

1960’s retro hanging lamp


Victorian-style bulb from

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