Crime in Upstate New York Cities

  |  August 27, 2013
safest cities in New York State

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An interesting couple of news items.

1) Crime in Newburgh is apparently lowering, says YNN.

2) “Poughkeepsie police have made arrest in murder of 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger. In custody is 20-year-old Tyrek Roger. It is believed Roger killed Gumbinger in the course of robbing her home,” according to Hudson Valley News

3) In East Fishkill, gunfire ended a standoff with a local man. Okay, East Fishkill’s not really a city, but still: guns, countryside — it happens. Report from Hudson Valley Insider.

4) 16 people were arrested in Ulster County on drug trafficking. This, from the Watershed Post.

5) The safest places seem to be in the Finger Lakes, Long Island and Westchester, with a couple of Adirondacks outposts.

6) Really?

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