Destinations: Take a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Narrowsburg

  |  February 13, 2014

horse drawn carriage ride

Leave it Narrowburg in Sullivan County to create one of the cutest li’l Valentine’s Day weekend events we’ve seen so far. The Ye Olde Valentines Horse Drawn Carriage Rides start on February 14th at 3pm and continue on Saturday, February 15th from 2-5pm and includes kissing booths along Mews Alley (kissing booths, you guys!). We’re curious about those: Do you actually have to kiss a stranger, or can you opt out in favor of laying a wet one on your S.O.? Only $5 per ride, a perfect cheapskate date for the romantically-inclined but fund-deficient. We hope some people will do this in costume. It is “Ye Olde”, after all.

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