This $1.95M-Catskill Property Comes with a Surprisingly Low Tax Bill

  |  April 15, 2019

The Dunwoodie Estate in Catskill, NY is an Italianate Victorian with a modern renovation and a rock-bottom yearly tax bill. 

Dunwoodie Estate’s estimated taxes are shockingly low, according to the listing, at just over $3,000 per year. That might come as a surprise to those who’ve spent any time looking for properties in the Hudson Valley and Catskills and found themselves in sticker shock over property taxes on even relatively modest homes, much less properties listed for nearly two million bucks.

However, Greene County, located west of the Hudson River and north of Ulster County, is a special case. It offers the perfect combination of low home prices with lower-than-average taxes as a percentage of home value, according to this handy interactive map from the Tax Foundation. So, it’s possible to find a higher priced home in Greene County with a lower tax bill than, say, Columbia County on the other side of the river, which has a tax percentage of 1.44% (Greene Co.’s is 1.29%).

This week on Upstater, we’ll be doing some tax legwork for you, so sit back, relax, and enjoy some truly gorgeous homes that come with low property taxes included, starting with this historic Catskill village property situated on 4.23 acres.

Dating back to 1876 and remaining in the same family for generations, the 3,480-square-foot brick mini-mansion has a thoughtful renovation that brings it into the modern age without sacrificing its historic character. Looking for a sophisticated country home? Try this on for size…

Includes seven spacious bedrooms, plus four full baths, each of them full remodeled with updated fixtures.

The enclosed side porch provides an additional gathering space during three seasons…

…and the rocking chair front porch is an inviting way to step inside.

Finally, antique barns and outbuildings fit perfectly against the landscaped, rolling-meadow backdrop, bordering 150 acres of protected Scenic Hudson land nestled into the crook of the Catskill Creek.

Kinda forgot we were talking about property taxes there for a minute, didn’t you? Such is the magic of the Hudson Valley.

dunwoodie estate

Feeling some low-tax magic off of the Dunwoodie Estate? Find out more about 58 Snake Road, Catskill from Gary DiMauro Real Estate, Inc

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