From Eater NY: Time-Traveling to Kozel’s Restaurant in Ghent

  |  August 3, 2017

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Remember when supper clubs were a thing? We’re not referring to hipster underground social eating clubs in moving locations around Brooklyn. We’re talking about supper clubs from the mid-century, when they served as the social hub of a community. Fare was as “meat and potatoes” as it gets, with fish dishes thrown in for variety. Old-fashioneds were cranked out behind the bar as fast as the bartender could pour them, and dinner was a lengthy affair during which you lingered over your prime rib and chewed the fat, so to speak, with your dining companions. Turns out, one still exists in Columbia County out in rural Ghent, of all places, and it’s Kozel’s Restaurant on Route 9H.

Eater NY recently gave their impressions of Kozel’s (adequate food, overcooked steak, frozen vegetables, and impeccable customer service and hospitality with ample refills of bread, butter, and crudite), and we’re intrigued that one of the last remaining supper clubs lives on right here in the Hudson Valley. Read Eater NY’s take here.


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