Family-Friendly and Art Lovers’ Weekends Upstate: What’s Missing?

  |  February 6, 2013

Image from Thomas Cole National Historic Site

The Catskills are suddenly getting a lot of press. Earlier this week it was Daily Candy. Then we stumbled upon this Travel + Leisure piece about family-friendly escapes to the Catskills: skiing at Hunter, supping at the Phoenicia Diner, staying at the Graham + Co. Hm, pretty much the same itinerary as Daily Candy. Can’t we think of any hidden treasures along the Route 28 corridor and its environs besides these lovely destinations?

Meanwhile, there’s show of Hudson River School painter Frederick Church’s work over in England, and so the Daily Telegraph has sent a travel writer to comb the Hudson Valley for sources of his inspiration. The writer begins at Thomas Cole’s Cedar Grove home, check out Hunter Mountain, and head on, of course, to the magnificent Olana, where Church painted. Anything to add to an art-lover’s itinerary?

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