By Farmers, For…Everyone. A New CSA Directory for the Hudson Valley

  |  February 15, 2017


Before we start, everyone go look at this incredible CSA Coalition Directory. Co-operative. Superb. Amazing. Let’s keep going.

We’ve recently written about Glynwood before, they recently hosted a Kitchen Cultivars event at Angry Apple Orchard. Glynwood frequently conducts surveys of farms, helping identify problems and issues within their communities. One such problem was that small farms have a hard time marketing their products…and produce. So they’ve facilitated the creation of the CSA Coalition directory, creating a massive network of Farms and Farmsteads that have CSA shares available.

Sara Grady describes the problem lies not in the desire to find other consumers, but can’t figure out how to reach them. Often CSA farms are unknown to their local residents, who have no idea that they’re even there, nevertheless offering CSA shares.

The Hudson Valley CSA Coalition is just the start of a large-scale plan to bring CSA farms into the kitchens of neighbors. Besides partnering with Hudson Valley restaurants that embody the tenets of ‘farm to table’ cooking, they will continue by creating targeted marketing in order to diversify membership and find underserved communities that would benefit from fresh produce. Glynwood will also help raise awareness for the CSA as an experience and as an important cultural pillar for the area.

February 24th is the big sign up day. Glynwood is creating some wheat grass roots buzz around signing up by offering the chance to win gift certificates from partner farms. So what are you waiting for? Find a share today!

P.S. I can’t resist clever campaigns. What do you think of these CSA slogans? Thanks HVCSA!

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