Five-Figure Friday: A Clean-Slate Shell in West Shokan for $79K

  |  May 3, 2024

It’s Five-Figure Friday, and Upstater is at a clean-slate shell in West Shokan.

The 792-square-foot home technically has three bedrooms and one bath. It was built in 1928.

The front porch is wide and welcoming. The asphalt-shingle siding? Not as much.

The interior is much worse.

Still, a five-figure price for a house on a quarter-acre of Catskills land could be a bargain for the right handy person.

The second story could be dramatic if those rafters are stripped and exposed after renovation.

And the sunlight streaming in through the windows is pretty.

The house’s address gives away the fact that it just skirts the west end of the magical Ashokan Reservoir. One peek out the second-story window confirms it, with a view of the Catskills mountain peaks themselves.

Another peek at the peaks is possible from a less-lofty perspective, too.

Enough yard has been carved out of the woods to make room for relaxing—once all of that home renovation is finished.

It’s in a quiet, woodsy setting, and basics like the library and grocery stores aren’t too far. Community (and great music) can be found within 10 miles at the Ashokan Center. Plus, the price just dropped by $5,000. If you’re craving a mountain cabin among the evergreens, near the majestic peaks surrounding the Ashokan Reservoir, find out more about 4247 Route 28A, West Shokan, from Ron Knowles with Century 21 Alliance Realty Group.

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