Your Friendly Winter Weather Advisory

  |  January 26, 2015

Dear Reader,

Do you have a plan for Juno yet?

If not, Upstater strongly recommends taking inventory of your emergency kit, your pantry, and your car ASAP. Whether the storm winds up making history or not, everything we’re hearing about Juno is indicating to us that we should err on the side of caution.

We have been following Hudson Valley Weather’s facebook page diligently (the website is temporarily out of service) – here are their storm projections for the next 24-36 hours:

“Light snow break out between late morning and early afternoon from south to north.

Snow continues to fall lightly through the afternoon into the early evening.

Snow becomes heavy at time overnight with increasing winds causing blowing and drifting snow with low visibilities

Snow continue to fall very heavy tomorrow morning into the afternoon with blizzard conditions likely (especially across southern and southeastern regions)

Snow tapers of tomorrow evening with total accumulations ranging from 6-12 across the NW parts of the region to 24+ across southeastern parts of the region.”

Here are a few additional resources to start your erring with: Info on Winter Weather Prep Winter Storm Tracker

NWS Website

Flight Aware


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