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The reverence for wood and craftsmanship at Wickham Solid Wood Studio is elevated to near spiritual levels. This is only appropriate as it comes from centuries of ingrained tradition studied by Jessica Wickham in Japan for over 5 years. “In Japan there is an immense reverence for wood, unlike anything in the United States. It goes back to Buddhism and spiritual beliefs.”

This kind of spiritual connection to the items that surround us is built into today’s consciousness in Japan. It brings people closer to natural surroundings where materials are sourced, developing a deeper and more conscientious relationship with the world. A lot of wood in Japan is actually sourced from American hardwoods such as walnut, white oak, and cherry,” says Jessica.


Jessica started her career in the corporate world, moving to Japan after college to work in technology. To “stay sane” she started studying Japanese hand tools and craftsmanship. After much traveling and visiting local craft people around Japan she became deeply attuned with to the art of woodworking. Bringing her knowledge stateside, Jessica set up shop in the Hudson Valley where her family often vacationed during her childhood. It is an ideal environment to hone the serene qualities of the art.

With a rich bevy of beautiful woods in the area including Walnut, White Oak, Black Cherry, White Ash and Red Elm amongst others, the Hudson Valley provides all the resources needed without having to harvest or cut down living trees. Wickham’s studio only uses salvaged wood within driving distance of their shop.

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About Hudson Woods

The team behind Hudson Woods is the Manhattan firm Lang Architecture, dedicated to elevating experience in daily life, pushing the boundaries of the built environment and empowering sustainable living. And while we take that mission quite seriously, we’ve also had an amazing time being immersed the Hudson Valley, looking for excellent design and craftsmanship, engaging a community of exceptional tradesmen, makers, artisans and growers. The project has made us devotees of the region and propagandists for all that it has to offer.

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