Get Back to Nature This Weekend in Barryville

  |  March 31, 2016

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River Views Design Mountain Cottage in Barryville via

Price/Night: $195

Accommodations: Entire Home

Max Guests: 5

Min Stay: 1 night

Did you miss the boat on being adventurous this winter? You know, you said you would go skiing but instead were glued to your couch, flying through one episode of Friends after the next. We know how easy it is to be lazy in a season that’s grey and gloomy (and in a world where Netflix exists) but now we’re ready for an adventure. Each weekend is warmer than the last and we’re just itching to get out there and do some wilderness exploring. If you’re like us, take a drive to Barryville for this mountain cabin overlooking the Delaware River.

Not only is the interior everything that we’d hope for in a rustic retreat, but this rental sits on 7 acres of seclusion. Everything from the polished concrete floor to the raw wood on the walls just seems right. It also seems like we could step into that backyard jacuzzi and never get out. There are a lot of things to love about this riverside cabin but maybe what we love most is that there’s no Wi-Fi and there isn’t even a TV. Disconnect from the modern world and get in touch with your inner minimalist, although you’ll hardly be roughing it in this one.

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