Going to the Car Wash?

  |  September 18, 2012

Some of our more southerly readers often pose the same question: how can I live upstate full-time? The prices and selection of real estate in upstate New York certainly appeal to folks who are inured to the proliferation of million-dollar two-bedrooms in the city, but what about jobs?

Well, if you’re not going into the yogurt business, perhaps this New Paltz car wash will interest you. It’s certainly in a promising location, just off 87 on 299, the main drag through New Paltz (although the university and the town is west of the highway, and the car wash is east).

The listing says $1.05 but a note in our inbox indicates that it’s now $950,000. The zoning is somewhat flexible, in case you have other ideas for a five-bay, 4,040-square-foot building (maybe watch Breaking Bad for ideas?).

Car Wash, 526 Main Street, New Paltz. GMAP. 

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