Got a Few Million $$ Sitting Around? WSJ Suggests Buying in the Hudson Valley

  |  May 14, 2015


167 River Road Rhinebeck

How about 167 River Road, Rhinebeck? It’s only $4 million.

We love it when a new second-home buyer’s guide comes out, especially when it’s a buyer’s guide for the Hudson Valley. The Wall Street Journal just published their second-home buyer’s guide, and it’s perfect if you’ve got several million dollars burning a hole in your pocket earmarked for a home you only live in on the weekends. The piece divides up the market into upper, mid, and lower Hudson River Valley locales, focusing on the kinds of properties the vast majority of us can only dream of owning. For the rest of us in the 99%, fear not. The Hudson Valley hasn’t transformed into the northern Hamptons just yet. There are still plenty of bargains out there. Just don’t go looking to the WSJ for the dirt on affordable properties. If only there was some other real estate-obsessed blog in the Hudson Valley that could hip you to not only the expensive digs, but the five-figure ones, as well. Oh wait, there is. Need a hint? It rhymes with Nupstater…


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