Happy Birthday, Upstater (Please Give Us Feedback)

  |  May 17, 2012

Folks, it’s been a year since we launched Upstater, both to help folks like us search out the best spots upstate and to satisfy our own desire for a) a country house or b) a new life outside the city. We don’t yet have either, and even one of the houses that inspired the birth of Upstater, this rambling fixer-upper of an estate, is still for sale (so, yeah, let us know if you’re interested in buying it together), so the dream lives on.

Now that we’re a whole year old, we’d like to get your feedback about what you love about Upstater, and what you think could use work. What’s missing, do you think? What topics do you wish us to cover? And how has Upstater made an impact on your life (other than increasing the amount of drool falling from your mouth when you look at the houses)? We’ve heard a lot of stories about folks finding their dream houses in these “pages,” and if you have any such tales, please share them with us below.

Thanks, and happy birthday!

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