Hatin’ On the Catskills Slogans

  |  August 7, 2012

We didn’t get a lot of response about which slogan to “Capture the Catskills” our audience members prefer. But at least one writer has expressed his dissatisfaction with all of them.

“…a new slogan for the Catskills was an act of revisionist history that dismissed the essence of the Borscht Belt,” writes Barry Lewis in the Times Herald-Record. “I have a feeling that was their goal. While that period is forever gone, it would seem foolish to ignore the emotions that get stirred when you mention the Catskills.”

The slogans either cleave to the vision of the area as rooted in the past, the site of one-time hippie hangouts (reincarnated as a locus of healing arts practitioners), or blandly noting that, yeah, there are mountains there. Can we come up with anything better? Below, again, are the chosen top five.

“The Catskills, So Near, Yet So Far Out.”

“The Catskills, Peaks of Perfection”

“Find Yourself in the Catskills”

“The Catskills, Always in Season”

“The Catskills, Time for an Altitude Adjustment”

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