High Falls’ “Candyland Revival” House Gets NYT Mention

  |  July 28, 2014
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There is nothing shy and retiring about Calico, the High Falls property owned by Kat O’Sullivan and Mason Brown, so it’s no wonder the house and its owners ended up in the Home and Garden section of the New York Times last week. The article delves into how O’Sullivan, an artist, and Brown, a publisher/musician, found an old fixer-upper in Ulster County and proceeded to transform it into a whimsical, colorful cacophony of styles and artistic leanings that Brown and O’Sullivan dubbed “Candyland Revival.” We particularly loved how the couple wrote out their wish-list of home features (from the NYT article):

“’Black light room: got that,’ said Ms. O’Sullivan, 38. ‘Floor-to-ceiling map: check.’

Mr. Brown, 35, added: ‘Vines growing indoors: check and check.’

Ms. O’Sullivan went on: ‘Outdoor pet turtle: got that. Victrola: got that. Circus tent — hey, we have two of them.’

The wish list, filling several pages and exceedingly whimsical, also specified a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary on a pedestal; one hole of mini golf; a swirly barbershop pole; a flokati rug; several swings, including the porch, Tarzan and “Mod bubble” varieties; lots of furniture with carved animal feet; gold mirrors; a big banquet table; an aquarium; and a secret passageway.”

Not to mention a couple of funky, painted-up school buses looking like something you’d see Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem riding around in, an outdoor bathtub, and not one but two circus tents. A washer and dryer, however, is nowhere to be found. Instead, O’Sullivan and Brown spent a grand on paint. That’s an amazing feat. Who needs laundered clothes?

This isn’t the first time the property, also known as Calico, has appeared in virtual print. Check out this photo spread on HuffPo from last year.

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