Hudson Valley Cottage + A-Frame on a Half-Acre, $69,900

  |  December 15, 2017

Happy Five-Figure Friday, everyone!

We’re in western Orange County this week for this cottage on a half-acre comes with an additional A-frame detached garage. While the listing doesn’t reveal much  about this property aside from its particulars (742 square feet, 2 beds/1 bath), it’s evident from the photos that the cottage has been given some updates.

Well, at least we know that the floors have been refinished! Kitchen appliances look fairly new, as do the carpets and the attached deck.

hudson valley cottage

Here’s what else we know: It’s located in a quiet country spot in the Orange County town of Middletown, about 5 minutes from the village of Otisville.

Know what else is in Otisville? A train station on the NJT line. Sure, it will take you over two hours to get from Otisville to Penn Station, but it’ll take you two hours to drive to NYC, anyway, so might as well bring a good book and enjoy the ride.

35 Lake Claire Drive, Middletown (Keller Williams)

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