Hudson Valley Seed Library: Where a Seed in the Stalk is Worth Two in the Hand

  |  September 8, 2015
seed library

One could say that Ken Green at the Hudson Valley Seed Library is doing “God’s work,” if one were so inclined to say such things. Regardless of our views on all-powerful deities, we believe that Green is definitely doing hard work by harvesting heirloom seeds at the Hudson Valley Seed Library in Accord mostly by hand, and we were delighted to see the Seed Library and Green get some love in the press this past week. For the uninitiated, the Seed Library sells organic heirloom seed varieties, which they collect from other local and not-so-local growers or from the Seed Library’s own 3-acre backyard.

Green and his partner Dough Muller set up the Seed Library so that a large number of members could “borrow” seeds, grow their own plants, and then harvest those seeds to go back into the Seed Library. It’s a cool system, and one that is also in the retail business, so even if you aren’t a card-carrying member of the Seed Library, you can still purchase seeds from them online.

Want to read the full version of the article by the AP? You’ll find it here on ABC News.

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