In Catskill, Free Rent for the Right Chef

  |  September 16, 2013
main street, catskill

If you’re not already incentivized to move to Catskill — on the river, great and affordable housing stock, burgeoning artist community and substantial investment by the founder of Etsy — take note of this.

“Locals looking to land a buzz-worthy, foodie-friendly restaurant in this Hudson River village are offering the right chef a novel deal: Come to Catskill with a killer concept — maybe farm-to-table, gastro-pub or vegetarian — and get space on Main Street rent free for a year,” writes the Star Tribune.

They want to attract New Yorkers and get the place gentrified in a good way. Good food is something New Yorkers are happy to travel for, and something Hudson, across the river, already has to offer. “God forbid if the place turns into something like Hudson, but a little bit of it would be nice,” one resident said.

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