It’s Kandy’s Top Picks Week!

  |  December 2, 2013
335 allen street hudson ny

This Gothic in Hudson made the cut.

Hello, Upstater readers. Kandy here, your friendly neighborhood house lover. As you can probably imagine, I see a lot of properties. A LOT of properties. If they’re not flooding into my inbox, I’m spending the wee small hours falling down Trulia rabbit holes, drooling over stunning houses of all stripes, both modern and historical. If I see something I like, I bookmark it and hope that the area in which it is located can be a Town of the Week, just so I have an excuse to feature the property. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, the area just doesn’t have enough on the market to substantiate it as Town of the Week. Other times, I’ve already featured the town, but there were so many fantastic homes there that I didn’t have enough time to feature them all. So I bookmark. And bookmark. And bookmark some more.

At this point, my bookmarks overfloweth, which means it’s time for me to devote a week to all of these fabulous properties saved up in my “Super Awesome Places to Live” folder (yes, it’s actually called that). The prospect is both exciting and stressful: I have dozens upon dozens of properties earmarked, and yet, I can only choose five of them. However do I decide which ones make the cut? There’s no set formula for my choices this week. Some are located on dazzling swaths of land, others are just well constructed. Some have drool-worthy kitchens, others have beautiful bedrooms that look like they would be difficult to leave in the morning upon awakening (although the prospect of making breakfast in one of these drool-worthy kitchens might make it easier). Some are pricy and opulent, others are bargains where you get a long of bang for your buck. All of them have that certain je ne sais quois, that special, intangible something-or-other that is tough to put our finger on, but it’s there, nonetheless.

Upstater is all over the place this week, from the lower Hudson Valley all the way to the tip of the Catskills (sort of), featuring a hodge podge, a mixed bag, a saucy melange, if you will, of our favorite houses on the market around the neighborhood. Got one bookmarked yourself? Tell us about it in the comments. I’d love a glimpse into your own personal “Super Awesome Places to Live” folder…or whatever you’ve called it.

116 canaan road new paltz ny

This one did, too.


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