It’s Lake House Week!

  |  February 10, 2014
206 lake shore road putnam valley ny

206 Lake Shore Road, Putnam Valley

You know what? We are officially sick of winter. Maybe it was the harrowing drive north on the Thruway from New Paltz during last night’s snow. Or maybe it was the fact that we slid into a guardrail going 15 mph and ruined the passenger’s side of our car last Monday morning. Or maybe it’s just February malaise. The white stuff’s novelty has worn thin, and spring seems a million years away. What better time of year to drool over lake houses? This week, we’re letting our thoughts take flights of fantasy into warmer climes, where the lake sparkles invitingly, begging you to dip in a toe or hop in the canoe. Putnam County is THE place in the Upstater neighborhood to look for lake house properties, but Sullivan County is good, too, and we’ll hit some other places along the way. Now, who’s up for some swimming?

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