It’s Live/Work Week!

  |  February 3, 2014
lofts at beacon

The Lofts at Beacon

Somewhere between the storefront and the home residence lies the live/work situation. It’s not a new idea by any stretch. Shopkeeps have been living in apartments above their stores for centuries. But the idea has taken on a whole new life thanks to developers upgrading old spaces and turning them into live/work lofts, like the Lofts at Beacon located in an old brick textiles mill, or the Lace Factory in Kingston (RUPCO just received a $100,000 worth of grants for repurposing the factory in December 2013). Some advantages of the live/work arrangement? It could potentially save you money since you don’t have to pay separate rent/mortgage on your residence and your work space. It could save you a bit more money in commuting costs. And, you can take advantage of the home office tax deduction. We’ve been eyeballing some sweet live/work spaces all over the Upstater area, although, not surprisingly, the best ones we found are located in places like Kingston and Newburgh (and, of course, Beacon, home to the lofts). There are also some inexpensive and unique investment opportunities available in Sullivan County. Do you currently live/work in your space? We would love to hear about its advantages, pitfalls, surprises, etc. Tell us in the comments.


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