It’s Tiny House Week on Upstater

  |  October 8, 2012

This week, we’re going to forgo investigating a particular town in favor of the most adorable tiny houses for sale in upstate New York.

What’s tiny? A subject for debate. We started our career by profiling the fella who makes Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, which are only a couple of hundred square feet and are often built on wheels, to avoid minimum size requirements, which many municipalities require.

Those might be a little extreme for our readers, many of whom are already living in small spaces. They also might be hard to find for our purposes, so we’re going to cap it at 1,000 square feet and revisit a few cuties we’ve looked at recently, especially the Sears kit cabin that inspired this week of modestly-sized abodes.

Readers: any tips about tiny house dwelling?

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