Fab Farmhouse and Chalet-Style Lodge in Bovina, NY, $849K

  |  December 15, 2020
mountain brook inn

The Mountain Brook Inn – a 36-acre property with a farmhouse and eight-suite chalet-style hotel – is on-the-market. 

Investing in an inn during a pandemic might seem like a ballsy move, but we won’t be stuck in our homes forever, and, when the restrictions get lifted, it’s a safe bet people are going to be traveling. Why not start getting ready for the tourist influx now?

And, while you’re prepping the eight rooms at the inn, you can live in the antique farmhouse, kept in pristine condition and sporting some serious old-fashioned charm.

In addition to exposed hand-cut support beams, the two-bedroom, c.1850s farmhouse comes with plank flooring, built-ins, large windows, and a cozy living room wood stove…

mountain brook inn mountain brook inn

…while just over the whimsical hand-made covered bridge is the property’s one-of-a-kind accommodations.

mountain brook inn

Each room is a full suite complete with private bath, kitchenette, and sitting room. The building is in good condition, with a stucco exterior, ground-level patio, and second-story balcony. On the lower floor of the hotel is a small dining room, commercial kitchen, and a den with a fireplace.

For the inn restaurant, use your own farm-to-table ingredients that you cultivated in the barn/chicken coop and grew in the gardens around the grounds. A romantic gazebo make the perfect spot for intimate outdoor dining, or the focal-point of a spectacular outdoor wedding.

The property, which borders 130 acres of state land, is situated in the town of Bovina in Delaware County, NY.

mountain brook inn

Ready to hit the ground running with the Mountain Brook Inn? Find out more about 5333 County Highway 6, Bovina, NY from Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties

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