From New York Cottages & Gardens: This Re-Styled Catskills Bungalow from the 70s Brings the Wow

  |  February 27, 2017


Monday got you down? Take a pause and flip through photo gallery of this Ulster County bungalow cottage in New York Cottages & Gardens’s March 2017 edition. No wonder they gave it an accolade or three. According to, the home, owned by Herman Vega and Eduardo Rodriguez was in a state of abandonment before the couple enlisted the skills of local contractor Thomas Motzer to transform it into the vision in white that it is today.

Dramatically contrasted with a black exterior, the interior is bright and crisp. Also includes a deck, depicted above, that begs to be entertained upon. See more of this renovated Catskills home here. Too bad we can’t see a pre-renovation photo, although the article paints a pretty vivid picture of what this house used to look like before Vega, Rodriguez, and Motzer got their mits on it:

“If the exterior qualified as nondescript, the interior defied description. walls were clad in green siding, others in random bits of trellis. There were dropped ceilings, Moorish-style cabinets, and sets of aubergine floral drapes, all of them swagged.” Yikes. What a challenge, and what a stunning pay-off.

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