New Yorker Cartoonists/Kingston Transplants Offer Duo Show @ Anvil Gallery July & August

  |  June 9, 2015
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Carolita Johnson

What do you do if you’re a cartoonist/illustrator/painter getting chased out of NYC by rising real estate prices and gentrification? Why, you escape to Kingston, of course, which is exactly what New Yorker cartoonists Michael Crawford and Carolita Johnson did just recently. After considering a move to the Bronx, the two artists, whose duo show opens at Kingston’s Anvil Gallery (at Tech Smiths) Saturday, July 11th. “Kingston has much more potential as a city,” Johnson explained in a press release, “and the diversity of age and interest is very appealing. I also like how much more power women seem to have here, something that reveals itself in subtle but encouraging ways.” She will exhibiting a collection of drawings from her feminist cartoon series “Oscarina” as well as a handful of paintings. Crawford is showing large paintings on canvas from his Amici and Dallas series, the latter of which is based on a still taken from the infamous Zapruder film taken of the Kennedy assassination. The show will open with a reception on July 11th, 6-8pm, at the Anvil Gallery (at Tech Smiths), 45 North Front Street, Kingston, and runs through August. You can read more about Crawford and Johnson here from the NYT, 2009. And with that, Kingston’s artistic Renaissance continues to thrive…



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