Newburgh Getting Lots of Media Love

  |  December 11, 2013

Some of that love comes from us, as Newburgh is one of the community spotlights in this season’s issue of Upstate House. Our sister publication Chronogram also has a piece about the revitalization of Newburgh. Residents — who are unfailingly passionate and sometimes sensitive about their city — were a bit nonplussed to read that their city is hard to love. It’s easy to love, they say. It’s sometimes hard to get folks outside the city to see the lovable city beyond the blight. We think it’s important to paint Newburgh in the fullest light: the indefatigable activists working so hard to rescue the city; the struggles with the entrenched poverty; the need for jobs and transportation and crime reduction. But the city has come so far, and new people are arriving every day to push it further.

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