Newburgh’s 2012 Property Auction

  |  August 14, 2012

If you haven’t yet been to Newburgh, we humbly suggest (read: insist) that you go. There you can find the best and cheapest historic houses in New York State. Yes, there’s a long and complicated history about why they’re so inexpensive — urban renewal, poverty, corruption, de-industrialization — but ignore that for a minute and concentrate on the housing stock.

Over at Newburgh Restoration, they’ve compiled a list of properties being auctioned. There are loads of foreclosures, many of abandoned buildings in need of a gut reno, and there are some short sales, too, of really nice places with taxes too high for the owners to keep up. The properties will be auctioned this fall. Let us know if you go bidding. And, investor types, please do consider buying up a couple and restoring them. The city deserves it.

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