Northern Hudson Valley Riverfront Victorian, $480,000

  |  July 6, 2015
111 read road glenmont ny

We’re starting our week on the Hudson River up north, almost to Albany. In fact, this Victorian with river views is in the hamlet of Glenmont in Albany County west of the Hudson. That is an area heretofore mostly unfamiliar to us, save for having heard of the Bethlehem Energy Center (formerly the Albany Steam Station) via Riverkeeper. It also seems that there’s an enclave of Hudson River estates around Van Wies Point, to which this Victorian appears to be a part. Other than that, our working knowledge of the town of Bethlehem is rather poor, so if you know something good about it that needs to be shared with the Upstater world, please let us know. We like things that are good! Speaking of which, lots of good things happening inside of 111 Read Road, which was built in 1865, such as the exposed brick, high ceilings, and copious windows for beholding that amazing Hudson River view. Property sits on 3.5 acres in the suburbs about 15 minutes south of Albany center. Includes a staggeringly high $14,000+ yearly tax bill.

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111 Read Road, Glenmont (Sotheby’s)

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