Party On, Hunter Mountain

  |  December 8, 2014
hunter mountain recently came out with its list of 9 best party mountains in America, and lo and behold, the first name on the list is a terribly familiar one: Hunter Mountain in Greene County. Other locales include Killington VT, Park City UT, and Aspen CO. Compared to places like Tahoe, Breckenridge, and Aspen, Hunter seems like a strange choice. We always thought of popular winter fun destination in the Catskill Mountains was rather on the low-key side, more craft beer and less Jager shots. Here’s what Thrillist says:

“Serious skiers don’t go to New York State, but this list is about partying on the slopes, not shredding on the trails. Two hours from Manhattan, Hunter is an easy trek for New Yorkers escaping the city or New Jerseyans who just want to ski in track suits and gold chains. The three local mountains offer 240 acres of skiable terrain and 57 different runs, but while there’s not much in the way of expert or backcountry terrain, advanced skiers can save their energy for drinking, which starts early in the day.”

Thrillist also mention Slopes in Tannersville for drinking the aforementioned Jager until 4am (their website says they are closed for renovations). The mere thought makes us feel queasy and in need of a nap, but to each their own. And we think some of our skiing and snowboarding friends might disagree with the assertion that New York State isn’t for “serious skiers.” No matter. Apparently, there’s partying afoot.


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