Perhaps Not a Real Estate Boom Upstate, But a Tick Boom?

  |  December 7, 2011


Ugh. Some of my friends who went to Bard told me recently that they’ll never move back to the area because of Lyme disease. Seemed a little extreme to me at the time, but then again I did almost lose my mind last summer when someone asked me if I had fully checked my kid for ticks (she’d been having some country naked time in the grass) before she went to bed. I actually went up  inspected her in her sleep.

Even for the less paranoid, this news that there will be a surge in the deer tick population next year ain’t good. As far as we know, Dutchess County already has one of the highest populations of deer ticks, so more can’t be welcome. The reason for the prediction: not enough acorns, meaning not enough mouse food, meaning more dead mice, meaning more roving ticks.

I suggest local brokers offer knee high socks with every home purchase!

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